Welcome to the Niagara County Project Development Portal

The Niagara County Project Development Portal provides businesses, developers, site selectors, property owners, public officials, and others with easy access to information on how to locate a business and/or develop property in Niagara County. The Project Development Portal provides access to information on project permitting and review processes at the local, county, and state levels including forms and information on regulations. It also provides access to useful project planning tools including site selection tools and information on available financial incentives.

Local Permitting & Project Review Processes




County Permitting & Project Review Processes

Niagara County Planning Board

The Niagara County Planning Board reviews a number of actions pertaining to land development. Click here to learn more about the County Planning Board project review process.

Niagara County Health Department

The Niagara County Health Department reviews and approves a number of matters affecting business and land development. Click here to learn more about County Health Department approvals.

State Permitting & Project Review Processes

New York Business Express 

Click here for information on how to start a new business in New York State including business structure and name filing, support and incentives, permits and licensing, and other information.

New York State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

Click here for information on environmental impact assessments, which are required for all projects that need approval from a state agency and/or unit of local government.

Project Planning Tools & Resources

Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information system or GIS is a mapping tool that provides access to spatial information such as environmental features, property boundaries, transportation infrastructure, census data, etc. The online GIS tools below provide access to a wide array of data on the built and natural environments, which can assist in planning projects in Niagara County.  

Niagara County Online Mapping System

Mapping system containing data on streets and highways, parcels, water features, parks, wetlands, floodplains, soils, school districts, agricultural districts, fire protection, population, etc.  

One Region Forward Mapping Metrics for Buffalo-Niagara

Mapping system for accessing local planning documents and community data such as population, land use, housing, jobs, transportation, and the environment from One Region Forward, the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development in Buffalo-Niagara.  See below for the complete One Region Forward plan.  

New York State Environmental Resources Mapper

Mapping system containing data on water bodies, state-regulated freshwater wetlands, rare plants and animals, and other significant natural features.

New York State EAF Mapper

Mapping system designed to facilitate the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process by filling out geographic questions on the appropriate Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and producing a digital PDF copy of the form for submission.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Map Viewer

Mapping system containing FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) data including flood hazard zones and floodways, flood map amendments and revisions, base flood elevations, drainage structures, etc.

Regional Planning Documents

A number of regional planning documents have been prepared to guide growth and development in both Niagara County and the wider Western New York Region. The documents below can be used to help identify existing conditions as well as development priorities and policies in Niagara County.  

Niagara Communities Comprehensive Plan

This document was prepared by Niagara County and contains a vast amount of information on Niagara County and its communities. The plan includes profiles of each community as well as detailed information on environmental features, land use characteristics, population and housing, economic conditions, cultural and historic resources, recreation and tourism, transportation, health and safety, and education in Niagara County. The plan also identifies policy recommendations on the topics of Land Use & Environment; Economic Development; County Services, Facilities & Infrastructure; Education; and Public Health & Safety.  

Niagara County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

This document is updated every five years by the Niagara County CEDS Committee with assitance from the Niagara County Center for Economic Development.  It identifies existing economic conditions and outlines projects, programs, strategies, and resources for achieving further economic growth.  It focuses on improving the business climate, key industry sectors, infrastructure, quality of life, and workforce of Niagara County.  

One Region Forward:A New Way to Plan for Buffalo-Niagara

This document was prepared by stakeholders from across Erie and Niagara Counties. This federally-recognized Regional Plan for Sustainable Development outlines strategies and actions for land use and development, housing and neighborhoods, transportation and mobility, food access, and climate change.  It includes a comprehensive set of indicators for measuring progress in achieving sustainability in the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan region.  

WNY Regional Sustainability Plan

This document was prepared jointly by the five counties in the Western New York Region under the direction of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.  The plan outline strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving sustainability in the areas of Energy; Land Use and Livable Communities; Transportation; Agriculture and Forestry; Water Resources; and Waste Management.  

Erie-Niagara Framework for Regional Growth

This document was prepared jointly by Erie and Niagara Counties. It establishes a vision for how the two-county Buffalo-Niagara Region will grow and develop, provides direction on growth and development matters, and identifies mechanisms that can be used to ensure that the goals and recommendations of the Framework are implemented in an efficient and accountable manner.  

WNY Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan

This document was prepared by the WNY Regional Economic Development Council through input from stakeholders across the five-county Western New York Region. The plan outlines strategies for workforce development, smart growth implementation, and entrepreneurship. It also establishes strategies for key Western New York industry sectors including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, bi-national logistics, energy, health and life sciences, higher education, professional services, and tourism.